Writing as Expression by Hannah Sutton

I write because it is a way to express myself without rigid bounds. Writing is an art and art is one of the only things in the current world that doesn’t have strict rules to be followed. Sure, writing has mechanics and quirks to learn in order to do so effectively, but content, purpose and intent have an ever-wide range of possibilities.

I mostly like to write articles and journal entries. I think recording events, feelings, etc. is important for not only other people to learn, but for myself to reflect. I not only am able to reflect on my writing, but the content and what’s going on within as well. I occasionally write poetry and enjoy using it as a way of healthy coping.

I enjoy writing about anything that comes to mind at the time. I do not limit myself to only one or a few topics, as I strive to expand my mind to everything and anything around me and the world. Life is not one dimensional and neither should my writing. 

I’m inspired by the ever-changing world around me and how time never stops. There will always be something new going on or about to happen and it keeps me on my toes as a writer. I must always be ready for something big because- especially as of late- when is anything happening considered to be small?