Why We Write by Michael McCloskey

I enjoy writing because it is a form of self-expression. Writing helps me reflect on what I’ve learned or what has happened in the past. I enjoy writing about my experiences that I encounter throughout the day. It helps me reflect on my decisions and assists me with becoming a more knowledgeable individual. I enjoy writing opinion papers and voicing my input to others as well as hearing what others have to say.

When I was a kid, my mother had me write in a diary. I remember unenthusiastically writing down what happened each day. As a kid, I did not enjoy writing and thought it was a waste of time. Only now do I realize that I was writing down my childhood, and all the fun memories and experiences that I encountered as a child. I started a new diary that has all my experiences throughout college. I hope to look back at it in the future and recreate the memories I have made here.