Why We Write by Lindsey Blevins

I like to write for many reasons. The biggest reason being that writing is the best way for me to communicate how I am feeling. Something about writing allows me to be myself, really communicating my thoughts and feelings. All throughout school I never really saw writing as a chore, but more of an opportunity. An opportunity that I was not scared of, to bring my thoughts to words. Which leads me to have a great deal of success in writing papers on topics I am passionate about. The greatest challenges I face while writing is staying on topic. Sometimes I get so invested into something and run on, losing my place.

I am a very persuasive writer, that brings a lot of passion into the topics I chose to write about. I have a point and I want the reader to see it, so writing is the best way I know how to get that point across. Even out of the classroom, I enjoy writing. Actually, writing outside of the classroom is my favorite form of writing. I keep an everyday journal where I can express however I am feeling that particular day. It not only allows me to vent, but it gives me more of a chance to free write and find who I am as a writer. I write because it is a form of expression. I write because without it, I may not be the same person I am today.