Why we write By Jeremy Roman


I write because I enjoy expressing myself in ways that I haven’t always been able to express myself. Putting my feelings, thoughts, and perspectives into a writing can be so calming, relaxing, and enjoyable. I write because it is what I like to do, I write because it is something that is very important to me.

I like to write about many different things. From sports, to just everyday lifestyle, to things about the military. From being a huge sports fan, writing and talking about sports comes so naturally to me because being involved with sports have just consumed my life in the most positive way. I like to write about everyday life events, life choices, because it is a natural way for me to express my thoughts and feelings on things I am thinking about at that time.

I enjoy writing mostly about sports and just certain things that are important to me. For example, as mentioned above, sports and the way I choose to live life is something I enjoy writing about. I live a very proactive life in the sense that I really enjoy taking care of my body, mentally, and physically and I also enjoy proper and specific nutrition.

I have written quite a few personal posts to blogs on word press. None of those posts have I ever tried to publish or take that serious. I have used my writings on word press mostly for expressions on something that I feel I wanted to talk about at that time, or simply for professional practice to prepare myself for a life as a writer.