Why I Write by Samantha Burkhardt

I write because it has been the most interesting part of my education journey so far. It has always been my strongest subject in high school, and now as well into college. Besides school work, I keep a journal that I write in when I feel down or stressed out because I helps me understand my feelings.
I like to write about things I am interested in. I picked lifestyle for my wheelhouse because that is the most interesting topic to me and what I like to read. I am also taking Digital Media Writing so writing my blog has been fun as well.
I really enjoy writing in my journal. Although I don’t do it a lot, when I do, it makes me feel a lot better and realize a lot about myself.
I’ve written many types of essays. In fundamentals of journalism, I was assigned to write a paper about Walter Cronkite. I didn’t know who he was at the time but learning about him was really fun. I’ve written persuasive pieces as well. In high school I wrote about why animal testing was wrong which taught me a lot.
I have not published anything except my blog posts for Digital Media Writing.
I’d like to write more opinion pieces. I like to write in first person.