Why I Write by Michael Weinberg

Writing is a passion of mine. I love to express myself through the crafts of writing. Writing helps me become more confident about myself. I write everyday whether it is by texting, sending email or writing papers for course work. Writing is in my blood and it is something I really enjoy doing every chance I get. Writing can be a very powerful tool for people but learning the skills to write a good sentence or paragraph is crucial. I like to write about my interests which include entertainment, pop culture and celebrities. I like to write on a variety of chosen social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to write about my favorite celebrities and Hollywood news. Writing is an excellent way for me to share my own thoughts and feelings. I want to use my writing with whatever job I work in after. I want to write for a living and use my writing to help and inspire others. It is a way to share my personal goals and stories to help inspire others. I know with any job I get after I finish up school it is going to be with writing since it is a big passion of mine. I enjoy writing and I want to continue this passion for the rest of my life.