Why I Write by Allyson Kerr

Writing opens up an opportunity for readers to hear your voice through a nonverbal channel, giving them the opportunity to perceive your thoughts in any way they choose. I write because I enjoy expressing myself in a way other than in-person encounters or social media. I have been writing since I was a young, elementary school student, writing short poems and essays about myself. Throughout middle school and high school, I gained a passion for news writing, broadcasting, and public relations writing as I was a member of the yearbook staff, TV studio, and the sports editor of the newspaper. These opportunities put me on the path of studying public relations.
As a senior in college studying speech communications with an option in public relations, I write news releases, fact sheets, and brochures. I enjoy writing about sports news because I grew up playing four sports, field hockey, basketball, softball, and track and field. I decided to become a journalism minor after working for Millersville’s Sports Information Director in the Athletic Communication Department because I wanted to learn more about the news side of sports, not just the information side.
Even though I have zero published any articles, I’m inspired to get at least one published for the university. I’d like to write news articles for the Millersville’s sports teams, whether that be game recaps, news releases for upcoming games, or spotlight articles. My favorite way to write is informal and personable because I believe the only way readers can get a sense and feel for what a writer is trying to convey, is through their tone and emotional appeal.