Why do we write by Michael Saladino

I like to write because it allows me to express my ideas with anyone that will read my work. Writing itself allows the writer to share ideas, opinions, and beliefs with other readers. I love to write about professional sports. It does not matter if it is the National Football League, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, or Major League Baseball, I will always write about it. Watching professional sports is great enjoyment for me, but being able to communicate my thoughts on them with others is my passion. Writing allows me to do that. It prompts discuss by allowing other readers to comment on my work and express how they feel towards what my opinions are about a game, or a player, or that sports specifically. I have achieved great success in sports writing.
I have written as a sports writer for the Snapper, the local newspaper here at Millersville University, for two years. With sports writing being my passion, I have decided to further it and majoring in sports journalism here at Millersville University. Some challenges I hope to improve on as a writer, is avoid being bias and adding specific detail on a topic. Throughout the years that I have been here at Millersville University, most of the writing classes I have taken I have received good feedback from my teachers on what I can improve on. Being bias and adding more specific detail on a topic is the two specific comments that have come up the most. As I continue to write I will focus my intentions on these two writing weaknesses that I can improve on. So in conclusion, writing can mean a lot for everyone but for me sports writing is my passion.