The Process by Brian Markley

I write because writing is a grueling, excruciating process that is more rewarding than anything else. Writing gives me an outlet to express my thoughts and opinions on my interests, along with allowing me to share them with those that are interested.

I also write because I want to inform. I’m the associate sports editor at The Snapper, so I want to make sure students are aware of all of the great things that are being accomplished by our sports teams. Writing allows me to cover something I love and publish it for all of campus to read.

I draw inspiration from many places, ranging from well-known sports writers to hip-hop music. There are many fantastic sports writers out there to read and learn from like Ken Rosenthal and Shams Charania. My other inspiration when it comes to writing is rap music. Hearing words being bent and put together is something that helps fuel my creativity when it comes to word choice. I know music is often a distraction to many writers, but to me it is part of the process.

The process is what I love the most about writing. The process is dynamic. It is a living, breathing process that is ever changing. Sometimes it’s challenging, sometimes it’s a breeze. Working through the process of coming up with an idea and then fleshing that idea out on paper is one of the best feelings you can have.