Passion and Profession by Matt Horner

I write because it gives me an outlet to express my feeling and opinions in a way that no other form can. I love informing folks about topics and sharing my knowledge of topics for others to learn.
I like to write about the world of sports. From football to hockey, I get no greater joy out of writing than sharing my love of sports with others.
I like to write informative articles that tell the reader exactly what happened in a situation and presents all the facts about an event or contest. I believe knowledge is power, and I want my writing to reflect that to the reader.
I’ve written many articles pertaining to sporting events and contests throughout the years. I’ve done it almost entirely for classes, but look to expand my talents to newspapers soon.
I’d like to write for a professional sports organization or news outlet one day. My greatest passion is sports radio, and I hope to take my talents in writing and converge them with digital media to unlock my full potential.
I’m inspired by the journalists I’ve grown up reading. Dan Bernstein has been one of my biggest aspirations for what he does for 670 The Score in Chicago. He writes an article each week and hosts a show with Connor McKnight every weekday. It’s my dream job and he is what got me into the writing/radio world.