I Write to Pursue A Dream by Monee Myers

I write because I have a dream to reach people with my words. I write because I want to become a better writer for my dream job of being an Author. There are many reasons I write but the main reason is to pursue my dream. As far as writing for school, I feel as though I’ve become a better writer than I used to be. With all the writing classes I’ve taken since starting college, I believe it has shaped my writing not just academically but personally.
One of my main success when it comes to writing is being able to tell a story. I truly enjoy telling a story when writing, even if it’s a paper for school. Everything I write must tell a story so I can feel a connection with my audience. This success to me is the reason I want to pursue a career in writing, and it’s because I have a story to tell with my writing.
With success comes challenges, and I experience many challenges when it comes to writing. As far as my writing my biggest challenge is getting started. I try too hard to come up with a creative hook or an extravagant beginning paragraph, and I should learn how to go with the flow. I feel as though practicing more freewriting will help me to be freer with my writing. Another writing challenge I have with my academic writing is making connections. I can explain a topic very well and share my thoughts or ideas, yet I can’t make valuable connections to other thoughts, or ideas. I think the best thing to do is to be organized with my writing. Outlines are important in the writing world because you can see your thought process before writing out the paper.
Whether its academic writing or personal writing, I enjoy the fact I’m a storyteller regardless of the kind of writing. I could have the most boring topic in the world and would find a story within that topic. Storytelling is my way of connecting with readers and giving them something interesting to read. My favorite writing to do is poetry, which is why I enjoy reading and writing poetry all day long. I also enjoy writing children’s stories and creating short mystery stories as well. It’s my dream to become a poetry and children’s book author and have a New York Bestselling book one day. I’ve already self-published my first poetry book and can’t wait to put out the second one. When I say I write to pursue a dream, I dream of my words being seen by millions of people. I want people to find peace, joy, inspiration, and more when they read my work.