From poems to published articles by Sydney Clark

I’ve always looked at writing as a creative outlet. For me, writing has been a nonverbal way to express myself. Growing up, I wanted to be an author and create characters that readers got attached to. Now, I mainly write for myself.
Last summer, I received an old, musty-smelling typewriter and it’s probably my favorite thing that I own. I solely write poems and short pieces on it because it isn’t practical for anything else. I frequently make mistakes and I can’t correct them on this typewriter. I like using it in my down time because there’s a calming feeling that comes with hearing the clicking of typewriter keys.
In 2019’s spring semester, I had the opportunity to get a poem published in the George Street Press Literary and Arts Magazine. This was the first time I ever had my writing published, so it was something I was thrilled about. I recently joined The Snapper and have written a few articles so far with them. Thanks to The Snapper, I then had an article published in the Lancaster Newspaper.
I never thought that I would enjoy so many different types of writing. I’m new to different aspects of writing, so I always feel nervous whenever submitting something. The most mind-calming thing about it is that anyone can be a writer, you just need to have something to say.