For purpose and clarity by Jared Hameloth

Since middle school when I was introduced to creative writing by my teachers, I have always thought about it as a way to express purpose. I feel like it gives purpose for myself and it adds to the ethereal purpose that the universe seems to contain.

When I have an idea, I need to write it down; whether it is an idea for a short story, poem, or a philosophical thought, I need to make sure it gets out of my head and unto paper. It feels like an affront to the universe to be given an idea and just let it pass by without trying to capture its essence.

But I also write because it remains the best way that I know how to express myself. I’m not very good at public speaking. I get nervous and end up leaving out a lot of what I want to say. I get one chance to say it the right way, and I usually mess it up. But I can always say exactly what I want to say when writing. Because no one gets to read it before I’m done with it, I can always finish my thought correctly and always make sure I’m accurate.

Writing allows me to add my own purpose into the universe on my terms.