A platform for the voiceless by Carly O’Neill

There are 7.7 billion people in the world, each with a story to tell. Some come from warzones, countries with polluted water, or regions where citizens are afraid to speak freely, since they might not exist the next day.

As a journalist living in a country with freedom of the press and open democracy, I like to use my skills to give a voice to the voiceless. Whether that is a group of marginalized minorities or individuals who have been labeled by society as outcasts, I provide a platform to share their point of view on life and the struggles they are forced to face on a daily basis.

If my writing can impact at least one person or expand their way of thinking, then I feel like I did right by my interviewee and told their story in a justifiable manner.

I write because I believe the public has a right to know the truth, even if that truth may be controversial. It is not my place to judge. If that truth can influence a positive change within our society, I only ask one question, “when do you need the story by?”

We live in an ever-changing world full of 24 hour news with plenty of eye catching headlines. I don’t want to just be known for my headlines. I want my story to write the headline for me. Among the constant breaking news, I want to influence my reader to take a stance, rather than move on to the next story in their newsfeed.
My goal always has been and always will be to bring to light others who feel closeted or misinterpreted in a world full of discrimination. It is important that their voices be heard in a meaningful way, and I write to share their stories.