Why I Write by Vanessa Schneider

Why I Write

by Vanessa Schneider


I write because I have a mood disorder than paralyzes my thought process at times. Writing helps me organize my ideas, my motives, and my purpose. I write to combat depression and take charge of the thoughts slipping through my brain. I write because after a few pages, my soul feels less heavy.

I write to cope.

 I write because when I read through old pieces, I am reminded of who I was and what I was doing. I can revisit old relationships by flipping through pages of hot pink journals. I write to keep track of what I loved, who I loved, and why. Now I look back at my entries and cringe or cry or smile—or sometimes do all three.

I write to remember.


I write because storytelling lights me up inside. Narratives of life lived are my absolute favorite type of writing to both read and write. My bookshelves are lined in memoirs and my computer files are stuffed with little stories of my life I wish to share eventually. I write stories so that the reader can learn from my mistakes and choices. I write blog posts because I love to tell all about my epiphanies and personal stories.

I write to share.