Why I Write by Nick Hughes

Why I Write

by Nick Hughes

Why do I write? A simple question like this deserves a simple answer. I enjoy writing. The far more complex questions are born from my response. Why do I enjoy writing? That answer used to be that, “I am a good writer.”

I remain a good writer but, that answer has changed over my college career. It was not always the same answer. “It is a stress reliever,” is a common answer.

The answer of, “I had to,” often found its way into the answer. That answer is my least favorite and I seldom used it.

My best answer has always been, “I want to entertain and inform.” I am both a creative writer and a journalist. My creative side seeps out into my journalistic endeavors a lot and I have to revise them out. When this happens, I am both happy and sad. Happy that I still have a creative streak and sad that I have to remove it. Now, this is not to say that journalism cannot be creative. The opposite is the truth. The difference, for me, is that in journalism I am not the one being creative. Instead it is the person or event that I am covering. It is their creativity that I love to cover.

Being a journalist has made me reflect heavily upon the world and I am saddened to see it in such a chaotic disarray. I know that journalism is one of the lifeblood’s of the world, regardless of journalism being referred to as an enemy by current political figures. Journalism is a shield that people can use. The contents of the shield being that of truth. I happily stand ready to defend with this shield and I hope that that defense is a welcomed one.

With my creative writing, I am a world builder, a planter writer. What I mean by planter writer is that I come up with hundreds of ideas a day and I plant the good ones and use them later. I am a semi-published poet and short-story author. I wrote pieces for the Voices Literary Magazine that Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) hosts. I was the editor in chief of the magazine as well and I came across phenomenal stories and I am proud to say some of my work made it in.

One of my favorite pieces that I wrote was a piece called, “The Devil in I.” It was a ten page short story if I recall the length correctly and I jumped headfirst into heavy topics with the piece. What I find odd about the piece is that it feels authentic to feelings that anyone would have given what happens in the story.