Why I write By Kyle Frey

Why I write

By Kyle Frey

I write because it is when I write, I feel the most comfortable, I feel the most at peace. Writing helps me find the words that I don’t know how to say. So why do I write? Because it’s only natural for me, it’s how I cope, grieve, and rejoice.

I enjoy writing about sports, which act as a staple in my life. No matter the sport, I love analyzing my Philadelphia teams, and putting that analysis into words. Not only do I hope to educate my readers, but I hope to be educated myself in the writing process. Writing helps me learn more about the subject, and only expand my knowledge. I write so I can learn, and better myself. I share my opinions, but also research the sport greatly to vastly strengthen my subject knowledge. That is the emphasis of my writing.

I’ve published many articles on SB Nation’s Broad Street Hockey, a Philadelphia Flyers blog. Writing about hockey is my main passion, and what I hope to turn into a full-time career. My time at this blog has only made me a better writer. It has showcased my flaws, and highlighted my strengths. I am surrounded by fantastic writers, and people alike who help me grow as a writer each and every day. I could not be more grateful for the opportunity I have been given, and I hope to take full advantage of it.

I write because I feel as though it is my destiny to be a writer, and specifically a sports writer. I have always loved sports, and connected with them on a deep level. They’ve brought me out of the darkest depths of my mind, and into the light. They’re not just sports for me, they’re a way of life.

So why do I write? The answer is yet another question: Why wouldn’t I?