Why I Write by Kaylee Rex

Why I Write

by Kaylee Rex


I write because it is a way to make my abstract thoughts into something tangible. I have kept journals since I was a young girl in elementary school. It has been an outlet for me to say what I really mean, be creative, record meaningful events in my life, or just to vent about my day. I can always go back to these entries and get a glimpse of what my life used to be like or what I was like at that point in my life. My journals are one of my most prized possessions because they contain pieces of myself. Pieces that would be lost in my memory had I not written them down.

Writing is a catharsis for me. When I’m feeling down or angry, scribbling out my feelings on a page lets me expel the negativity out of me. I usually just let it flow and write in stream of consciousness, but sometimes if I’m feeling really pensive, I’ll try to turn the negativity into poetry. My poems usually turn out lame, but I enjoy trying to channel my energy in such a unique outlet.

There are a lot of thoughts constantly flowing through my head to the point where it can become overwhelming. Writing in a journal helps me focus on just one topic and take some time to contemplate. It helps my mind to feel less cluttered and it helps me to think clearer. If I am angry, writing about it makes it easier to decide how I should navigate the situation.

Writing is a crucial skill to develop for any profession, but I don’t think enough people realize how beneficial it can be to write for personal reasons. It helps to relieve stress and bottled up feelings. Many people think it’s kind of weird that I keep journals, but I think if more people tried it, they would actually really like it.