Why I Write By Aaron Bachmann

Why I Write

By Aaron Bachmann


Have you ever talked to someone and like an hour later you thought to yourself “Wow, I should have said this to them instead.”? That’s why I write. The ability to sit down and choose exactly what you want to say is empowering. I feel like I can fully describe my thoughts and feelings on any topic. Sometimes I use writing as an outlet during hard times. Often not even saving what I have typed. The mere fact that I can put words to feelings and make them into almost tangible objects can be cathartic. Even during happy times, being able to create sentences that express what I am feeling and then being able to share them with others while having them understand what I mean is a satisfying experience. I think being able to share my emotions with others in a methodical manner is one of the main reasons why I write.


I have always been a big fan of technology. Growing up my father always brought home old computers and together we would take them apart, toy with them, then put them back together. This started my passion for computers, and eventually become my favorite hobby. Over the years my love for computers extended to all forms of technology. And now I like to write about a variety of topics involving different types of technology. Right now, I like to write reviews for new devices and even some video games, but I don’t often post them anywhere. I wish to gain more confidence in my writing ability, which would remove most of my fears when it comes to sharing my work. Other than reviews or critiques, I like to write about technology in a way that anyone could understand.  Writing about complex topics in a way that non-technological people can understand, also helps better my writing and explanation skills. In the same vein, I also enjoy writing how-to articles and walkthroughs to help individuals with an assortment of problems involving technology.


I think the one thing I really want to write, is an actual book. If I ever gain the focus required to write an entire book, I would want to write a coming-of-age story. Coming-of-age stories are my favorite type of fiction genre to read, and I think I would enjoy creating a story of my own. Although that is one of my dreams, right now I am mainly focusing on journalistic writing.  After college I hope to write about upcoming technology for an online publication. If I am lucky, I would also like to be a reviewer. Being one of the first people to get their hands on a new device/game would allow me to constructively influence consumers before they spend their hard-earned money.