Turning My Thoughts into Words By: Kelly McGoldrick

Turning My Thoughts into Words

By: Kelly McGoldrick


I write because I enjoy turning my thoughts into words on a paper. It’s easy for me to convey a message through writing and helps me organize my thoughts.


I like to write because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. When I finish writing a paper, I flip back through it with confidence that it is organized and written to the best of my ability.


I enjoy writing about my life experiences. Either a certain part of my life, my family, an internship or job that I had, or an incident that shaped me.


I’ve written for school and for a job and I enjoy both. For school, I either have free range to write on a topic I choose or am assigned a topic. For my job, I was writing with the goal of promoting my organization in the best way possible.


I’ve published press releases for my job in order to get


I’d like to write more for an organization because that is what I am going to school for. I like writing to represent someone and getting the word out about whom I am working for.


I’m inspired by people who have a story to tell. My previous internship was a childhood cancer non-profit where I pitched stories to the media about children who have overcome cancer or are raising money for cancer. These stories inspired me to keep writing and getting the word out there about the organization because it was raising money for cancer.


My favorite way to write is alone in a quiet, calming place. I like to type out all my thoughts first and then organize them.