The reasons for writing by Dan Bernardini

The reasons for writing

by Dan Bernardini

            I write for many reasons. First, I write because it’s a way to get your thoughts out without actually speaking. Writing is expressive and sometimes it’s easier to express myself on paper. I write as a way to remember important things. My mom used to tell me to write things down when I studied because it would help me remember the material. Perhaps she was right. Writing helps me explain my thoughts and feelings when I’m not in a talkative mood. Writing is a way of extrapolation. I brainstorm ideas and then extrapolate those ideas onto paper. For me, writing turns my introversion into extroversion.

            I enjoy writing about the weather. The weather has always been of interest to me and I find it fascinating. Weather is a changing phenomenon, therefore there are many different topics to write about. I also enjoy writing about my life and all that happens in a day. Sometimes, after a long day,  it’s a helpful way to vent and say what needs to be said.

            I’ve written a few important things. First, I’ve written a poem in middle school that was about the beach. I had the poem published in a book with writings from my other classmates. I’ve also written information about myself on a website I created. Lastly, like many students I have written many resumes. These resumes might be the most important writings as they can dictate my qualifications for a certain job.