I Write Like My Life Depends On It By Chad Zunich

I Write Like My Life Depends On It

By Chad Zunich

I like to write about sports, hence my choice to be a Sports Journalism major.  Most writers tend to want to specialize in covering and writing about one particular sport or sport level, but I find myself very open to the idea of writing about anything from football to hockey to baseball.  I am also very much interested in all levels of sport whether it be high school, collegiate or professional.  I like to write about sports because sports have been such a major part of my life and I very much enjoy the games and just being around sports holds a special place in my heart.

I write because it gives me an easier outlet for me to express myself and how I am feeling at any given time.  If I am experiencing discomfort whether it be at work, school or in my personal life I find it very beneficial to just go home and write about how I feel and how I would like to change the situation that is occurring.  It is sort of my way to vent without confronting the person or situation because I am a very non-confrontational person.

I find myself most successful when I can write about a topic that I am very much interested in, like sports, and I can put my full attention in to.  However, some challenges that I find myself facing in recent times when writing is that I want to include so much detail that it sort of takes over the rest of the story and tends to create a very long piece or article.  I mostly write because it is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing and after graduation, my life will quite literally depend on it because if my articles are not successful, I will not get paid by the company who employs me.