I write for me By: Shelby Hall

I write for me

By: Shelby Hall

I write for the girl who can’t speak the words she wants to for fear of being told she’s wrong

For the boy who has so many feelings but was told, “boys don’t cry”

I write for the animals and the trees

Because, they can’t tell us, but they’re desperately in need

And for the people who can’t speak at all

We give them a voice.

I write for peace, but also for fire

I write to start an uprising, but also to end the war

And I write for all the people who aren’t here to write anymore

I write to make a point, but to also allow emotion to flow

I write for a reason and for no reason at all.

I write for me

For the life I never had and for the life I do

I write for me

And for my sadness, strength and power

I write for me

And when I write for me, I write for the world.