I Write for Me By Mackenzie Keefer

I Write for Me

By Mackenzie Keefer

Writing is a way of expression, it allows me to express myself in many ways. No matter how I am feeling or what the day has brought I let it out onto the page.

Writing is a way to escape, allowing me to disappear from my life and enter a world where I am free. A world where there is not pressure, stress or time constraints. It is endless there, it is an endless bliss.

Writing frees me, it allows for the chains I feel around me to be released so that I can be myself. I can write freely without rules or expectations, because to me there shouldn’t be.

Writing is my outlet, it has allowed me to express my experiences so that I may one day share them with the world. Because no one person should ever feel alone in the world.

Writing is my passion, it is what fuels me everyday because it has given me a new-found voice in my life.

Writing is my life line, every time I have felt as though I didn’t belong here. Every time I’ve felt alone, as though I couldn’t keep my head above the water writing saved me. It has given me the courage to let my feelings go, it has given me a new found look on my life.

And writing means different things to everybody, but to me why I write is simple… it is my life.