I Write for Freedom by Shaakirah Tate

I Write for Freedom
by Shaakirah Tate

Growing up, I was a shy child. I couldn’t hold long conversations with my peers, as I would stutter so much. I was nervous to give them direct eye contact, too.

I kept my emotions and opinions to myself because I was so afraid to speak. I needed to find an outlet that would not intimidate me. When I was eleven years old, I bought my first journal. Just as I placed pen to paper, I could feel the weights being lifted from my shoulders. For the first time ever, I was finally free. I was allowed to voice my true emotions without fear of judgment.

Even as a senior in college, I write for the same reasons. When I place words on the lined pages of my journal, I feel the most confident. I have a difficult time verbally communicating with words, but they come naturally on paper. My journal is my therapist, as it objectively holds all of my fears, dreams, and thoughts.

In my journal, I enjoy writing about life. While the world is filled with so much hate, I like to focus on the positive qualities. My journal is littered with inspirational quotes from Pinterest. I included my favorite 90s R&B music playlist for safekeeping, too. Not to mention, my journal is home to my exceedingly long bucket list of all the things I want to do before I pass on.

I write for freedom. I write because I am free to express myself in words. I love being able to carry my internal thoughts inside of a little leather notebook. I buy overpriced washi tape from AC Moore to decorate pages inside of my journal. I use my favorite pens and markers to decorate the source that contains my feelings.

Writing has been my means of escape. When I am happy, I write. When I am upset, I write. While I still struggle with verbally talking to others, I know my journal will always be there for me – one lined page at a time.