I write for Freedom By Chris Blair

I write for Freedom

By Chris Blair

Why do I write? I write for the freedom it brings me. The passion that I am allowed to show the world. Writing allows me to share with the world the things I hold close to my heart. Writing is the that keeps people interested in each other. Being able to shed light on things people are uninformed about. The ability to write also teaches people about others, as well as other places that are important. I’ve written stories about sports, school, people and even short stories. I enjoy the feeling I get when I finish a story. The excitement of creating something that matters to me or maybe just something people should know about. I’d like to continue my writing in the future by writing about the athletes that play sports. I want to show their side so that people can see that they are human too and show the struggle of their everyday life. I’m inspired by the people I meet in everyday life and the company I keep. People make me realize how important and unique each one of them are, and makes me want to write about them to share their stories. I write because it is my life and my passion. I write because writing is who I am.