I Write Because… by Malik Diggs

I Write Because

by Malik Diggs

I write because that’s what I want to do with my life. I want to be a sports journalist as I progress throughout my life and my career. Growing up, I was always was more inclined to do well in my English and my grammar classes because we got to write stories. Those stories were about anything, ranging from science fiction, fiction or just a real story about a life event that had an impact, just getting to write in itself was something I always enjoyed. When I began to write, my mind starts racing and my pen gets going. When I was younger, my teachers would always tell me that I was a good writer and that I had a great story telling prowess, even at such a young age.

My success as a writer comes from my ability to focus and really try to understand a topic. If I am doing an assignment in which I have to write multiple pages, I may be annoyed that I have to write the paper, but overall, when I get into a rhythm and I get to think about what I am actually going to write, and that is when I begin to develop my writing into something that I can be proud of at the end result.

My main challenge as a writer comes from me adding on to an assignment. If I write about a topic, and I begin to feel like I am done with a topic, I will start writing extra when I really don’t need to, and for me to continue to be a successful writer in my field of study, I just need to get to the point of what I am writing. I don’t have to make it difficult on myself, but that is something that I have to continue improving on with time.

I loved sports at a young age. I began playing sports when I was seven years old, and as I got older, I learned of the sports journalism major and once that major became well-known to me, that is when I decided that this is what I want to do with my career.

Writing has become a big part of me, and as I continue to progress with my writing, I hope that I can inspire those who come up after me to continue the tradition of writing about sports, or writing about anything that someone may be passionate about.