Why I Write Joe Hess


Why I Write

Joe Hess

I write because I enjoy it. It gives me the ability to share my ideas with other people along with informing them about a specific topic that I am writing about. I hope to continue writing in the future and hopefully turn it into a career someday.

I have had success with my writing recently. I write for the athletic department at Millersville University. I write about the various sports teams along with feature articles about coaches and players. Despite my success, writing comes with different challenges. One challenge I have with my writing is not being able to word my introductions and conclusions correctly. It takes me a while to form a solid introduction and conclusion. Therefore, I tend to start with the body of the article or paper when I write.

I like to write about sports and music. They are the two topics I am the most passionate about and have the most experience in. I have spent my entire college career writing about sports. My ideal job when I graduate would be writing for a major sports team or organization.

I’ve been published in my school’s newspaper along with the Universities athletic website. I also have interviewed former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Vince Papale about his early life living in a small Delaware County town along with his journey to the National Football League.

I’m inspired by various sports analysts and writers. I grew up watching them on ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports Network.  From a very young age, I have read their work and watched them conduct live broadcasts on television. I hope one day to join them in writing or broadcasting to millions of people each and every day.

Writing is something I take great enjoyment in. I wish to make a career out of it one day. If I continue to make progress with my writing I will be sure to fulfill this dream one day.