Why I Write by: Shannon Hamblin


                   I write because it has always been a way to express myself freely without having to open my mouth. When I am passionate about something, I write about it. It feels so good to have a topic you feel so strongly about that your fingers on the keys of the computer just start going crazy. Sometimes I don’t even have to think much when I write, things just come to me.

I like to write about many things, whether they are happy or sad. Some of the blogs I have written can be positive things like recipes for cookies, or they could be very depressing. It merely depends on my mood that day and how I want to express myself.

One of the things I enjoy writing the most about (on a positive note) would be either traveling or health/fitness. I have a lot of experience on both of the topics, so when I write about them things just start to come naturally. I went on a trip to Italy last spring and as soon as I got back was able to write a blog post in an hour about my experience. When I have passion for something it makes the writing so much more enjoyable.

I have written many things in the past. I can remember back to even elementary school when I started my love for writing. I wrote a story about a princess and my teacher loved it so much she got it laminated and bound for me. In middle school I wrote a story about a traumatic experience I recently had, and the book was published. Writing has been a part of my life for a long time. Whether I wrote stories about princesses or published something about the new gym uniforms in my high school newspaper.

I have published many things over the years. In high school I was a writer for the school paper, and probably published at least 20 stories. I work for an event company currently where a few times a year I write human interest stories and get them published in our event magazines. In college I have been part of Her Campus Magazine and The Snapper where I have published multiple articles for the issues. I also can’t forget about my published princess book as a child. This signified the stepping stone into my future writing career.

After graduation in the spring, I would love to work for a magazine. I love writing about anything lifestyle related, especially health and fitness. I would really like to find a job at a magazine that will allow me to put passion into my writing and publish stories about topics I am interested and experienced in.