Why I Write by Sade Palmer


I write because it is something that I am very passionate about. Since I could write my abc’s I’ve been fascinated with the things that writing does for me. I personally believe that writing is one of the most efficient ways to express yourself. The way you can write a story and have one imaging everything you’re saying is amazing. I also write because I enjoy feedback I get from my peers, I am always looking for ways to improve my passion and feedback is an easy way to do so. I can’t imagine a world without writing, coming from someone who grew up being shy, writing made me feel comfortable. I remember when I was in the second grade and the first “big” word I learned to spell was determination. I was so excited, I remember I went home and bragged to my parents and siblings, as a child it was one of the best days ever for me. When I got to high school, that is when I discovered my love for journalism and since I was a freshman I would collect fashion magazines and analyze them. I would read them as well and make sure I know the difference between them. I was fascinated with the way fashion magazines could tell stories. To make a long story short, I write because I love it, that is the easiest word I can use to describe my passion for writing. I write because it was the one thing that allowed me to express myself while feeling confident.