Why I Write by Rajen Upreti

One of the main reasons why I write is to express my thoughts in writing. It helps me when I need to remember something—for example, memorizing my monologues for auditions and plays. I believe storytelling and writing are my core areas where I put my inside thoughts into storytelling, and I enjoy it. It is a rush feeling. After all, my hand moves faster than my brain sometimes because I get excited about writing them down. As an actor, I find many developing characters in my writing. I also write because it helps me preview and review my English vocabulary words, especially when I am writing the sentence. It shows my level of capacity and capability in writing. During my middle school and high school, I struggle in writing. My writing was weak, and I used to get all correction marks everywhere in my writing paper.  Hence, that was another reason it pushed me to become a better writer cause I wanted to improve my writing skills. So, it helped me reflect on my experience and learn from them. 

 I am a speech communication major concentrating in public relation. Therefore, word communication in PR is like the headline title in the magazine. Primarily written communication is the key to our field to communicate with our public. I took numerous writing courses that covered narrative, argument, compare and contrast, and more varieties of writing style courses in my major. Most of my paper was research and reflection paper. I learned more through each course and gained my confidence in writing. Before coming to Millersville, I always struggle to complete my documents, but it slowly builds me up in writing after coming into Millersville. The public relations writing course taught me more about my weaknesses and strengths and how I need to fix my mistakes. Overall, I have learned standard writing through various courses here at Millersville University and am still looking forward to learning more writing skills.