Why I Write by Nicole Lippo

I write because it is a good outlet for me to get out my thoughts and feelings. When I write, my journal becomes a safe space for me where I can share anything I want to. I don’t have to feel judged or scared of what I write. 

I like to write because it is relaxing. There is nothing better than after a long stressful day getting to sit in my room with the “notes” app on my phone open and go going a tangent about what bothered me.

I enjoy writing about things that I want to reflect on. I find writing to be very therapeutic and anytime life gets overwhelming I will make to-do lists, schedules, or write paragraphs on my day. Reflecting helps calm me down and put my day in perspective. 

One day I would like to write a completed journal. Right now, I only write on the days that I feel like I need that outlet, but I would like to keep a journal for a year with an entry for each day. This way I can go back and read exactly what I was thinking and feeling during the year.