Why I Write by Hayes Ng

I like to write as it is something that I have freedom of, I can control what I write about, how I can do it, and who I show it to. I have a certain amount of creativity that I need to get out of my system and writing provides me the platform to do so. It is something that I learned to appreciate since I grew up. Writing gives me the freedom and refuge that I need from writing essays day in day out. It is also something to record the changes in my thoughts and views as I learn. 

I enjoy writing about sports. As someone who lives and breathes sports, talking to others about sports is something that I love and enjoy. That is also the reason why I chose sports journalism to be my major. I want to do this as my job and this is something that I would love to do as my career. Sports and writing don’t usually go together but sports articles are something that helped me learned about sports and inspired me to write. I will get to write and share my views to others as well as introducing them to something that they would be interested in.

I’d like to write about sports in a company with a large audience. I want to share my thoughts with others and introduce more people to the sports that I love which they might like too. I could not imagine having a loyal audience and being able to have readers to communicate with and talk to. I know that it will not be easy and I know that I will need to work my way there. It is something that I am working on and working towards. 

I’m inspired by journalists that are truly passionate about their jobs and what they talk about. They know what they are talking about and they are passionate about telling the stories of others. They have their own values and they stand by it. They do their best to tell the truth even their lives are threatened. As sports are also one of my passions, I know a few sports journalists. One of my favorite sports journalist is Will Buxton. I wish that I could be in his position one day. His work is truly impressive and interesting to me. Reading his writing and stories motivates me to work towards my goals and become a good journalist in the future.

My favorite way to write is start with a blank piece of paper, write down everything that is in my mind, big or small. Then I will pick out the useful bits that fit my purpose and organize them. I find this effective for me as some thoughts might pass by and I will forget it later. By writing everything down, it helps me mark down things that could be useful but I don’t remember. Also, by starting with a blank page, it seems like I have no limits at the start. I can go whatever direction I want to which helps me think outside of the box a lot. This provides me with ideas that I otherwise would not think about. It is a great way for me to start writing and it is useful in many different situations. 

I write because we learn from writing, we communicate by writing, and we express ourselves through writing. I write to tell my own stories and tell others what I think. It is a clear way of communicating our thoughts. I write to show others a piece of my mind. Another thing about writing is that it is a method or recording events and history. That is also the reason why I like journalism. It tells the truth and everything that slipped pass people’s eyes or ears. That is also the reason why everyone should keep writing. What we write now might not seem impactful now, but we could be recoding something important in the future. With that in mind, that is also one of the reasons why I keep writing.