Why I Write By Devon Centola

I write, not because I am the best writer with the most creative words all aligned in a deep poetic meaning behind it. That is not me.

I write because of a passion and love of sports. It is a passion that derives from my father. He, my brother, and I would watch all the Philadelphia games growing up. It is a passion that grew and blossomed over the years to a point that now I write to express my knowledge and love of sports onto paper so others can know more about a topic that is so very important to me. It is a way to teach those who read with knowledge and insight into the world of sports from my perspective.

I write because I am proud to be a Philadelphia sports fan. I am proud to display my love of my team for all to see. Whether we finish first or last that I continue to be by my city’s side hoping for the best.

I write to better myself as a writer, as a sports analyst, and a journalist. To display my knowledge of the games to those who want to learn more. To at times, state my opinion on what the future may hold in the sports world. To help project where teams and players may be to those who are not sure.

Lastly, I write in honor of my dad. I represent a man who had elite talent as he was able to write in such fluid, beautiful poetic ways, I could only hope to be a fraction of the writer he was. He was a man who was able to inspire many with his works and teachings. I write, because he no longer can. And, I will continue to write in honor of him, to represent the name Centola well with my own work to the best of my ability.