Why I Write by Bryan Malone

I enjoy writing because it’s the only way that I can fully express my emotions and feelings through words. In high school, I wasn’t interested in writing book reports or articles for my courses however I was able to find a passion for it eventually. With that being said, having the ability to freely write about anything that I was interested in, grabbed my attention the most. At first, descriptive writing was intriguing because it allowed me to paint a picture into the reader’s mind while I elaborated on my impressions.

Once I attended Millersville University, I took various courses that made me accustomed to the narrative or expository style of writing because of my major. First as a Sports Journalism major, I later changed to a double major in Sports Journalism and Sports Media & Broadcasting. Mainly, for the reason of feeling more comfortable and being able to expand my career opportunities as well. Nonetheless, I’ve always had writing assignments throughout my education career however attending MU is what made me a better writer. In prior experiences, I often struggled with  punctuation, redundancy or wordiness and sentence fragments in my writings. However, after taking various journalism courses I have been able to strengthen all of my weaknesses.

Over the past three years at Millersville, I’ve been fortunate enough to publish various articles in The Snapper and MU blogs. Currently, I have been working on short feature articles and magazine features for some of my courses that are sports related. As a sports journalist, I expect to write more stories or features for the Snapper in the near future so I can build up my resume for when I apply to local news stations around the area. Overall, I have been pleased with all of my courses so far and look forward to sharpening my writing skills and techniques.