Why I Write by Brenna Fallon

I write to define and capture the experiences of life. Being human is made of so many moments well beyond the scope of words. Writing attempts to solidify these moments. Truly, it is only an attempt to capture their entirety, an attempt that is never fully realizable. But I find the attempt alone to be noteworthy. 

Writing can take what lives in the mind and make some piece of it shareable with the outside world. It can amplify the thoughts of those often unheard. Writing, when done well, connects human souls in understanding.

 I don’t see myself as someone who writes well, but practice can’t hurt. And it’s my belief that all are worthy to have their thoughts take manifestation as words. Voices demand to be heard, and they deserve to be heard. I write with the goal of one day helping those who are often unheard, to be heard and felt by all.