Why I Write- By Evan Transue

Why I Write- Evan Transue, English 110.14 

My goal is to achieve academic and personal success through writing. Despite not being my favorite activity, I do enjoy writing. Writing allows me to express my feelings and knowledge on a given topic. While I do not write much outside of my academic life, school gives me the opportunity to learn more about writing, which will help me in the future with my career.

I started writing many years back in my early middle school days. I enjoy writing about topics that interest me. I enjoy writing about cars, sports, and history, for example. When I write about things I find fascinating, I can apply my previous knowledge to writing and produce a quality paper. It was my first time taking an English writing course in college and I found it to be very enjoyable. It is not only beneficial for me to learn more about writing, but it is also helpful for my future papers. As I learn more about writing, I hope to get opportunities to demonstrate my writing skills in the future.