Where I’m From by Abby Jordan

I am from Amy, Mark, Andrew, Eric,
Nancy, David, Rita, and Bill
I am from Church every Sunday and 
Christmas and Easter with the family

I am from roast beef dinners and
dad’s homemade spaghetti sauce 
“Have a blessed day!” and
“I’ll just have one bite.”

I am from hiding secrets in my pillow case
 reading with a flashlight under the covers
I am from Landisville, PA
and going on vacations to Bethany 
Beach and Jellystone Park

I am from playing Itsy Bitsy Spider 
With my Grandpa and Barbies with my friends
I am from family and togetherness

I am from neighborhood campfires,
 kickball games, flashlight tag 
and squirt gun battles
I am from getting stuck way up in 
a tree and swinging on the swing set

I am from cleaning the house on 
Sunday’s and playing tickle 
monster with my dad
I am from doing arts and crafts 
and hanging out with friends

I am from a lot of things but,
most importantly, I am from