Topic Ideas by Brandon Robinson

Topic Ideas

1.) This first topic I had in mind includes football fan’s that play fantasy football engagement during the season. For this, I would try to explain why I love to write about football and also compare and contrast people who have fantasy football players to those who just watch for fun.

2.) Profile college football players from the different levels of collegiate sports. For example, I could maybe compare and contrast the road players take to become either a division one, two or three athlete. Then maybe concentrate my focus more on football players from lower ranking schools.

3.) For this topic, I was thinking about maybe researching how cities with sports teams use tax payer money for stadiums and other things. Compared to other cities improvement without a sports team.

4.) Technology is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. For this topic I had in mind that I could profile community groups on social media that allow for people to be in the same community surrounded by people with the same interests. For example, find the differences between companies such as apple, Microsoft of Sony. Then compare their target audiences and ask how each has different innovations than others.

5.) Research information about community groups that talk about an interests such as sports, technology or art. For example, find social media statistics of fans who join groups including their favorite teams, favorite type of technology or art like tattoos and paintings.