Times with Grandmother by Andrew Vogelbacher

My grandmother was disowned as a child and had not seen her mother in 60 years. She was adopted by a middle class family that took good care of her and she refers to them as her only parents. When I was young my mother was fresh out of nurse school with a job working long hours. My grandmother watched me. Almost everyday. these times with my grandmother make me who I am today, not just being spoiled by her with McDonald’s and constant treats, love and joy but learning about how to become a young man and act accordingly. One of the most memorable moments was going to school with grandma, she had a old 1988 brown Volvo that we rode to school in everyday listening to “super trooper” by ABBA.I was her super trooper.These years were the best i would interact with my grandmother everyday we used to get up real early and travel to her house so she could watch us for the hour gap from when my mom leaves for work and my dad arrives home. Although we were diligent and often too tired to cause a ruckus I see the sacrifice my grandma made for us.