Their is No Peripheral in Writing By Pae Zavala


When I write, I write for myself. I create a life where I can be myself an area where there is no limitations. Anything and everything can happen. We live in world where society and social class has such an impact on one’s lifestyle and this robotic concept of life is losing its versatility and acceptance, so when I write I tend to create an open safe area where I can just vent and enjoy without having the fear of defendant or prejudice attributes from prospectors.


The freedom of writing allows exploration. The concept of being whatever you want to be whenever you want to be and however you want to be, giving you a sense of imagination and creativity. Be creative, create a  world where you feel safe and confident. Talk about random crap and don’t worry about grammar. Focus on you and only you. Forget the rules of citation and the assignments you are assigned, but as usual you are waiting until the last minute to finish it and you as you  franklingly  start panic because you are running out of time and it 10pm and you have to submit it by 11:59pm.


Their should be no excuse in why someone should not write. With the advancement of technology, one can write anywhere and everywhere. It is as easy as picking up your phone and going into your notes app and just begin. If you have a laptop near you, just pull up any writing  format and go hard. Write for two minutes, write for hours; just write. Writing does not need to be critical, make it simple. Its simplicity is what makes it enjoyable.