When writing I feel like I succeed in giving detailed information on the topic that I am writing about. I like to be as accurate as possible, I love intriguing the reader. I try to make the topic interesting, so that reader could enjoy the reading and want to learn more about the topic. A lot of challenges I face, is overwriting. I had a problem with this for years. I have so much knowledge about the topic I am writing about and I don’t know how to put it down on paper, where it’s condensed and straight to the point. The type of writer I am would be, free writer. I love being able to free write about anything and everything that comes to my mind, and I can express through writing. That is the reason why I write is because I can express my voice through my writings. Being able to express my opinions on controversial topics through my writing made some debates easier because I can thoroughly think out my thoughts and I can easily distribute good thoughts and bad thoughts. I can’t delete those thoughts whenever I am speaking out. I choose my words carefully, writing also gave me a reason to jot down stressful situations that I am going through. I can write down however I am feeling and let out all the aggression in my writing instead of lashing out on people.