The Reasons I Write by Alexandra Neiderer

Writing, personally, has been a gateway for me to pour out whatever I felt needed to be written down. What I write can differ on any one of the million things that float around my mind each day, whether it be something new that I just had to write down or spilling my feelings onto paper at the end of a rough day. All in all, I write for me.

Life and Loss

I went through a few hardships growing up. I witnessed a divorce that was stretched out and messy. I dealt with the passing of a few familial figureheads that hit everyone hard. I had the normal highs and lows that a normal child and teenager went through as well. My solace was writing. Being able to drain my head of these feelings and put them onto paper helped me to get through some of my toughest days. On some of the worst days, writing helped me to get whatever I needed out of my brain and in between thin pages so that I could move on.

The Good Times, Too

Not all of my writing was to clear my head though. I write to remember things, too. I find myself doing this a lot even now as an adult in college. I want to be able to look back at the scribbles that I jotted down when something good happened or when I accomplished something that I was proud of. Already as a twenty-one year old, a journal sits on my shelf, albeit collecting dust, holding some of the biggest things that can happen to a sixteen year old. I journal the big and small things, no matter what.


In the Grand Scheme of Things…

Writing makes me happy. I have been writing since I was fairly young, and can say strongly that I do not see myself stopping anytime soon. Being able to put pen to paper and say whatever I want to say is a joy that I will forever hold close to my heart.