Passion for Sports By Seth Hoffman


I like to write because it is an enjoyable and satisfying thing to do. Writing allows me to bring all of my thoughts to life. Writing is a great way to communicate shared desires with an audience that has the same interests as you.

I particularly enjoy writing about sports. I have played and followed sports my entire life and now find myself almost obsessed with the sports world. I watch sports every day therefore I have a lot of thoughts and ideas about sports. I use writing as a way to talk about these different thoughts. I can use my writing to talk about recent sports news that is important. Sports’ writing to me is extremely rewarding and satisfying.

Some of my successes’ with writing involve a blog I had last year. In this blog I discussed my favorite professional sports teams and any news relating to them. I enjoyed this blog because I had never done blog posts before so everything was new which made writing fun because I was doing something different. With this blog I was also able to practice writing about sports, which I could benefit from in the future.

Eventually, I’d like to write for a professional sports team or for a big university, following their athletic teams. If I continue to work on my writing, I have no doubt I can achieve this goal. To anyone struggling with writing, start with a topic you enjoy, and expand from there.