Ocean Blog by Kayla Farkas

I write because I love the creative twist that I can do with all my writings. I love to write because instead of saying what I want to say or feel, I can just write or type it on paper instead. Writing unleashes my inner thoughts to a greater degree and really lets me express myself and my passions to a greater degree. I like to write any non-fiction pieces. I mostly enjoy writing about the sea and ocean conservation. I really love sharing my passions of the sea with others. I love informing others about why the ocean is so essential to us and the world we live in. I also like writing fictional stories about the sea. To express information and entertainment to all. I enjoy writing about the ocean as well as environmental issues. I’ve written multiple pages on ocean conservation. I have also written multiple essays that had to do with the environment and sea. I’ve also written my own website on ocean conservation and facts, as well as I have written my own Instagram blog that involves the sea and why it’s essential. I wrote a post that 4 oceans saw, contributed to help stop a massive balloon release in New Jersey. I’ve published my own website before and multiple Instagram blog posts. I’d like to write a book one day about my own ocean journeys and discoveries once I get that far. I want it to be a blog book as well as a documentary mixed with my own creative twist of some comedy in there too. As well as scientific writing. I hope to minor in scientific writing here at Millersville, so that I can continue my career as a Marine veterinarian as well as a science writer.