My Voice Can Be Heard by Michelle Lepera

“Quiet people have the loudest minds.” Steven Hawking once said I find this to be quite true. I was never the loud kid in school, contrary to how I behave around my closest friends, people used to joke I was mute that’s how little I spoke. I spoke through my writing as a kid, and even now I use writing as my form of expression. I had a horrible stutter as a kid, a remedy to this was writing down what I felt, thought, and wanted to say.

I have many stories I wish to tell during my lifetime, some are my own personal experiences, others are the stories I came up with while in the shower after a bad day and they decided to stick with me. I write as my personal form of expression, my way of telling my story. So maybe one day I won’t be so quiet, one-day people can see just how loud I really am.