The Reasons Why I Write By Robert Bader Jr.


I write because I love being able to express my emotions and feeling through words. I was not much of a writer in high school, but one teacher made me fall in love with writing and I have not looked back. I like to write because I am given the freedom to write about whatever I want. Creative freedom gives me the ability to express how I am feeling through words and stories.
I enjoy writing about anything sports related, especially ice hockey. After my first year of college, I changed my major to sports journalism and instantly felt like I was finally on the right track. I’ve written my whole life, but never truly loved writing until college. After finally realizing I was a excellent writer, I gained confidence in myself try and make a career out of it.
I’ve never published an article to any publication, but am planning on doing so in the near future. I am currently working on an article about the NHL expansion franchise, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, for The Snapper that is going to be published. I’d like to start writing more articles for The Snapper. As the editor of photography, there are not many opportunities for me to write articles since I am so busy editing photos, but I want to be able to write some more articles so they can be published in the paper. Afterall, I am a sports journalism major, so the more experience I have the better.