Moment of Bliss by Pierre Jamison Rodgers

Why do I write? I write because it gives me a sense of freedom. I use writing to get my creativity down, it gives me a good feeling seeing what I had stored in my mind on paper. Even though I get writer’s block almost every time I put pen to paper, I like that challenge of trying to get over that hump, makes me feel like I am stuck on a Wednesday. In my spare time I write scripts and poems, two of my favorite forms of writing. When writing these I am able to dive into ultra serious side to side-splitting comedy, I love that process. I love writing like I love basketball and video games because it is a stress reliever and a hobby I will never stop doing. 

Writing is not a school, career and/or work thing, to me writing is a passion, it is life. We all write day in and out, from text messages to business emails. I like when people say I hate English class or I hate writing papers I say, well nobody would know on your Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., how you felt or spent your day if it was not for you writing about it. 

I love writing because it is something I always thrived in and was good at doing, when the poetry section of English/Writing classes in high school or college started I enjoyed every lesson. Those lessons from English/Writing classes not only helped me develop common knowledge of punctuation and grammar but gave me a chance to build a possible career from it. Writing is not the easiest thing in the world to do because of the mistakes, possible writer’s block amongst other problems as well but to me that is the beauty of writing, trial and error. The process of creating poems, stories or even a novel, working 24/7, going through the problems listed before to finally finish said piece feeling that moment of peace, happiness then finally bliss is what I love about writing.