Love of Writing by Samara Means

The love I have for writing has given me an outlet to express myself when it was hard to say what I wanted to state verbally. It has influenced me to leave my emotions on pages in multiple journals so I would not have feelings bottled up inside me. Not only do I write down my experiences, I usually have a pen in my hand while writing notes. The notes written in my notebooks are full of quotes from individuals I look up to sermon notes I want to keep for a lifetime. Songs are predominately the main writing piece where I enjoy communicating stories and opinions very dear to me. Particularly in songs, the passion I have for writing has made me appreciate artists who write the majority of their songs. The meaning of songwriting persuades me to understand the motive behind the musician’s song or album. Poems are a huge part of my writing. It started when I was younger and continued on throughout my life. My poems have evolved over the years which allows me to witness the progression I have made in the process of my writing. In the end, writing has played a major role that has molded me into who I am and motivates me to build my own views especially through the inspiration I uphold in the journey of conveying myself.