Getting Out of My Head- By Danielle Fossett

Getting Out of My Head- Danielle Fossett, English 110.14

For me, writing has been an outlet to get things out of my head. I tend to keep my thoughts and feelings in my head, which can be dangerous and a scary place to be. Putting it on paper not only allows me to “let it out”, but it also allows me to process these feelings rather than push them aside. Prior to writing, I didn’t quite understand what it meant to journal. It has taken a lot of time and patience with myself to genuinely understand how writing helps me process my thoughts. It wasn’t something that worked the first time. It’s also not something that helps each and every time, however; it is a healthy option when it does help. I’ve had some dark moments. For me, having written proof of it is an indicator that I have gotten through tough times and can push through anything I may come into contact with.